In a similar way to Julie's bodywork, her rustic wood creations embody form, function and fluidity. Each piece is inspired by the wood itself in a co-creative process fusing the natural beauty of live-edge slabs, salvaged branches, gnarly roots and invasive-species vines. Embellishments from lichen to wasps' nests complete the pieces.

Primarily self-taught, Julie has also studied with the master of rustic furniture, Dan Mack (, attended traditional woodworking school with Jeffrey Lohr (, assisted with sculpture artist Patrick Dougherty ( and teaches a yearly class in rustic altar building at Drew University. Her work is exhibited in local Philadelphia area craft shows and she is available to teach classes in simple rustic furniture building.

Vicki Fox grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from Philadelphia College of Art with a degree in Illustration and a love of crafts. After working professionally in graphic design and illustration for many years, Vicki chose to pursue her love of nature and created a landscape design business, Green Team Gardeners. Her love of nature grew and grew until she started making art with it. She creates one of a kind frames, mirrors, light fixtures, trellises and chairs with plans for lots more. She moved to Hancock in 2008 where she lives in a log home she designed; it is filled with crafts, both hers and other artists. She is represented by Seven Arts Gallery ( ) in Ellsworth, Maine as well as Chapter Two in Corea, Maine.

(215) 836-9779

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