WATSU was developed by Harold Dull at Harbin Hot Springs in California in the early 1980's and continues to evolve today. As its name implies, the movements used in Watsu are based on the meridian stretches of Zen Shiatsu. Today, Watsu is used in spas, holistic retreat centers and aquatic therapy facilities worldwide.

The gentle stretches and movements in Watsu have been effective in treating people with a variety of physical conditions including arthritis, fibromyalgia, low back pain and limited range of motion. The warmth of the water combined with the movements and stretches allows the body to expand beyond its usual contracted state of being.

Watsu is sometimes used in conjunction with psychotherapy where nurturing touch helps to reconnect sensations in the body with appropriate emotions. It is used in this way for recovery from abuse and eating disorders as well as overcoming fear of water due to earlier trauma. Watsu engenders a sense of unconditional acceptance, allowing feelings deep within the body to surface and be expressed.

Receiving a Watsu session is a sensual experience, but not intended in any way to be sexual in nature. Watsu may not be appropriate for those with boundary issues in this regard.

Allow up to an extra half-hour on all sessions for intake questions, changing and re-grounding when done.

WATSU SESSIONS are held in Julie's private, indoor warm water pool in her Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania* home office. The 8' X 14' swim spa is non-chlorinated, purified by a combination of silver and potassium, thus gentle on the eyes and skin.

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS are approximately 90 minutes long, allowing time to discuss your needs, have 60 minutes in the pool and relax and regroup afterwards. The fee is $125.

Two hour combination includes an hour of Watsu followed by an hour on the massage table, $175.
Expanded combination session includes an hour of Watsu plus a 90-minute table massage, $200.

COUPLES may choose to have a Watsu bonding experience by taking turns receiving and witnessing their partner's session and even learning a few basic floating moves with each other. Couples' sessions are 2 hours for $180.

DISCOUNTED PACKAGE PLAN - Pre-purchase three individual sessions and receive a 10% discount up front. All three sessions must be used within a six-month period.

REFERRALS: Refer a friend and recieve $20 off your next session.

GROUPS may choose to rent the pool and/or have Julie facilitate a group process.

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By Appointment Only

Julie Angel
914 E. Southampton Avenue
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Dr. Andrew Weil talks about the medical side of WATSU.